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Question Can you help ID this wooden prop, pls?

I'm a newbie, so pls forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong place...
Or with insufficient info...
Have just bought a rather handsome wooden propeller (genuine, not repro!)
It is approx. 5ft long (1500mm) with a 1" (25mm) centre hole and 6 x 1/3" (8mm) holes around it.
It does not have any brass additions to the leadings edge, though there is evidence of a repair on one side.
The tips of both ends are damaged, one of them quite badly - so I assume that it came to a sticky end...
The embossed numerals are:
62 44 462
163 7 88
I bought this in England, if that helps the identification, though it could have come from anywhere...
If anyone can provide any info on this prop, my wife and I would be very grateful!
Many thanks in advance.
Regards, Martin
PS I can provide photo's, if that helps.

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