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Default Info sought on Gardner Propeller

I have recently acquired a wooden propeller bearing a decal indicating that it was made by Chicago Propellers, Wm H Gardner & Sons. It is 79" tip to tip and the leading edges and tips are both sheathed in metal (brass?). The hub has six bolt holes and carries the following "ATC 379, 1471 -3111". I am very interested to find its age and what it might have been used on (it has definitely been used). I have some photographs if they would help in a positive ID. Also any background on Chicago Propellers would be welcome. Google brings up nothing.
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The "1471" is the drawing number, and you'll find several engines that used it on this page, but I've got another reference that lists the ATC (type certificate) of 379 as specified for a 90 HP engine. So I think the most likely usage would be that of the 1471GB model, used on a 90 hp LeBlond engine.

Most propellers are matched to the engine, and could be used on a variety of aircraft, so you'd need to find aircraft that used that engine to narrow it down further. If you look through some other propeller listings (for Flottorp, for instance) you'll find some listings for the LeBlond 90 that might apply. Go to www.modernwoodenpropellers.com and look through the other manufacturers as well.

So at this point, some possibilities are the Dart GK, the Aeronca LB, Rearwin 9000L, and the Porterfield 90. There are probably some others.
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