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Default Hartzell propeller???

Hello, I've inherited a propeller that I'd like some information on please. I've posted pictures of it here. http://www.flickr.com/photos/67405081@N00/

On the side of the hub it says:
design 707\80 90
SR NO 30580
engine R755\7
airplane ??? (can't make out the rest)

After looking over this site I'm sure that last bit says Hartzell, the first two letters are unreadable though.

It has 8 bolt holes. It is 7 feet 6 1/2 inches long. The center bore diameter is 4". And the bolt hole diameter is 6 1/2 inches. The tips are covered in a metal material. I couldn't find anything on the site that matched those measurements and it's very possible I got it a bit off when I measured it.

The burning question (here's a suprise) is, what is this worth if anything? It had been hanging as decoration so there are two bolts screwed into it. There is also a gouge in it near the hub.

I have a potential buyer for it and I don't want to get screwed!

Thank you for any and all information!
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It's for a Cessna Bobcat ("Bamboo Bomber") and is, for some reason, a fairly commonly found propeller. In original condition, my guess is that it would be worth something around $1000, but since it doesn't have the decals it has almost certainly been refinished and would be worth considerably less, i.e. less than half of that. You never know, however, as the market varies considerably.
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Thank you very much for the information!
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