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Default Help on propeller identification


I just obtained a wooden propeller from a friend. While he said that it was an aircraft propeller...I am not so sure.

Can anybody provide me with any insight on this one? I have two photos of the prop (one from the top and the other from the side).

The prop is 52" long and the hub is 5.5" in diameter. The hub thickness is 2.5".

On the hub there are the markings "52 36" which I suspect means 52" long and 36" pitch.

The two photos are located at:



Any assistance in identifying this propeller would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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It is shorter than any of the conventional aircraft propellers, but may very well have some kind of aviation usage, such as an ultralight or homebuilt.
Also note that it is a left hand rotation, implying that it is either a pusher application or that it uses an engine which is opposite the usual direction of rotation.

(BTW, I moved this thread into the "Identification" part of the forum.)
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