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Default Need Help in Identification of Marshal Wooden Propeller

I am looking to find some identification for a wooden propeller.
The length is 102 3/8 in. The diameter of the hub hole is 3 3/16 in. It has 8 holes for mounting. These are spaced side by side, center to center at a distance of 2 9/16 in. From one side of the hub to the other the spacing is 6 11/16, center to center. I have a few pics of the markings ( numbers and letters stamped into the wood ), and can send them via email to anyone that might be of help in my search.
Please feel free to email me using the email button immediately below this thread. Thank you in advance for any help given.
Eric Hanson

Eric, I took the liberty of editing your clear text email address out of this message so that the spam robots won't 'harvest' your email address for their nefarious use.

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Default More Information

More information on the prop. The correct spelling tof the manufacturer is "Marshall". The stamped information on the hub is"
NO 322 DES.10
R.P.M. 1550

Separate from these is the marking: C.B. 5

The wood used alternates in a total of 7 layers of wood. Starting and end in a darker wood. Lighter is the color of the layers in between.

Again, Thank you for any help given.
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I don't have any records from Marshall Propellers, although I have seen a few of their props in the past. I'll look through what I've got, but it might be hard to know for sure. In the meantime, it might be helpful to measure the hub dimensions. Look at this link first http://www.woodenpropeller.com/Hubmeasure.html.

Here's a link to another one that was sold a while ago http://www.taircraft.com/parts/props_wood.html.
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