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Default Pre or Post WWI - I don't know

I have no background in propellers but was given one some years ago.

The propeller is laminated wood with metal on the leading edges. The overall length is about 9’10 1/2 “ with a hub thickness of 7 ½” and diameter of 11 ¾”. It is marked with a TV screen like logo with G. A inside it. 2

It also has No. 1968 on the face of the hub. In addition, on one side of the hub there appears a series of numbers a few of which are illegible:

Pas 16?? 1960
WRAS?? 500 Hp
21?? - .29

The question marks are the obliterated figures.

Most people believe it to be non US prop –perhaps German

Some pictures are attached.

Do I need to provide more info?

Any ideas?

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I think it's going to be especially hard to identify without numbers, and what parts of the numbers you have may be more misleading than actually helpful. If the HP is correctly stated at 500, that pretty much excludes any WW1 era engines.

Can you post a picture of the decal? I might recognize the manufacturer.
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