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Default Large 10 foot prop i.d.?

Hi I would really appreciate any info on a prop I recently bought. I believe it is British, it has 2 metal i.d. plates hammered onto both sides of the hub. These read DRG NO SP 7536 4 Jaguar VI B D-10'-6'' P 100 and the other reads Oct 1936 47165. There are numerous maintenance stamps which I think read 37 in the middle. The blade is very large, about 118'' long, 8'' thick at the hub, 11.5 '' wide at hub, 3.5'' hole , and has 8 mounting holes. It has 8 layers of wood and is partially covered by some sort of black (rubber ) coating. I feel it might have come off a seaplane but I have had little success researching it. It sat at a wrecking yard for many years exposed to the elements (in Hamilton,Ontario, Canada). Maybe off a Jaguar engine? I will try to add photos if that would help. Also value if possible-its in rough shape. Thanks in advance ,Simon

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Photos would be most helpful. If you need help posting them here, email them to me using the small email button below and I'll insert them into your post.

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