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Ed B.
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Default Prop ID please

I now own a Sensenich wooden propeller with following number stamped on the hub: Model 73FM52(hence 73" long, which it is FM =Lycoming engine, 52 degree pitch) Serial No. R8566 Hub No.s 1 on one side and 2 on other side.It is no doubt a 'modern' wooden prop. also has overlapping decals showing 'Sensenich' and 'Especially made for Piper' with a bear cub symbol.

I solo'd in a J3 Cub and am hoping that it's usage extends to that dear airplane.

What can anyone tell me if anything else about this propeller?


Ed B.
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I'm not sure what it fits. I'm surprised that the drawing number doesn't show up on this page on Lamar's web site. The serial number does mean that it was built between 12/48 and 8/49.

It is possible that it was built by Sensenich under license from another company which used that drawing number, or it may just be one that isn't listed on their site. Looking through various lists, there just weren't that many 73 inch props built.
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