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Default British WW1 G & N series numbers....& "A"?

I posted some photos last year of a modified old prop hub that we were not clear what it was.
It stumped you guys as no one added a comment back, but we have battled on!
It has a G869 N21 serial number which from other props, and links to the forum here, and others help, think this is British, late 1917 or early 1918 prop. I follow the G is a sequential batch code for centrally manufactured props and the 21 is the 21st of 100 produced of the batch.
There is an A1986 under that, still stumped and wondered if you could help this time?
The "thing" is just a hub which has had its blades removed and the centre likely hollowed out. The numbers stamped on the remaining lip
Any info at all welcomed.
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Bob Gardner
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Greetings McSporran.

I regret the answer you seek is still unknown.

The designator letter A in A1986 indicates the propeller is of Vickers design.
(It might indicate that your prop was the sixth variation of design A198 ).

Its nearest relative is A192 which was a four bladed prop fitted to a 200hp Hispano in the Austin AFB1 and a 150hp Hisso in the Vickers Hart Scout, the Vickers FB16A. None of this is of any relevance to your prop but possibly indicates that drawing numbers in this area were for obscure and cul-de-sac propellers and aircraft.

The G number 869 can be dated to around July-August of 1918.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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Default G n a

Many thanks Bob
Fantastic information and as good as we will ever get.
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