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Alex Hunt
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Default help with identifying my propeller

I am writing this inquiry in hopes that you can help me locate a name, type and history of a certain aircraft. Recently while traveling in Australia, I purchased a wooden propeller hub that I believe is from a Royal Air Force airplane, circa 1920. The gentleman who sold it to me said it was passed down to him from a relative. He said, “There’s a great story that went with this but no one remembers what it is.” At first I believed this prop cam from an early “pusher” bomber; could this be possible?
There are 8 holes on the hub.
The piece is in good shape although the markings are faded and one end is rough with some damage. This intriguing blade hub is marked:

H.R.A. 18565

With this on the opposing side:
DRG LA.613 G/1

P-8 96”

If you can help me in learning what type of airplane this may have come from as well as any other information it would be greatly appreciated.


Alexander C. Hunt
414 John S. Mosby Drive
Wilmington, North Carolina 28412
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Bob Gardner
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Dear Alexander,

It's from an Airspeed Oxford powered by two Cheetah engines. The aircraft was a trainer and a communications aircraft used by the Royal Air Force during WW2. It was the war time version of the Airspeed Ensign, a fast and advanced twin engined monoplane dating from around 1937, I think. It was widely used during the war as a training aircraft for navigation and wireless operators.

With regards,

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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