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Default Another ID Request

My wife bought me this gem a few years ago during the recession on eBay. Apparently came from a museum in Ohio or that general area. Iíve spent some time trying to match it to images here, but donít feel confident that I know much about it.

The shape of the backside of the hub and lack of markings almost leads me to believe this is half of a pair. Thoughts?

8í8Ē or so (happy to get an accurate measurement if helpful)
13in hub (outside)
8in bolt diameter
10 3/16 ish* hub (inside)
3 3/16 ish bore
8 bolt pattern
367B and what looks like an eagle stamped on hub

*sorry for the imprecise measurements. Beveled holes make it a little hard without calipers.

Pics attached

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It's almost certainly half of a four-blade prop for a Liberty engine and likely used on one of the Navy flying boats developed in the late teens and early twenties. Look for a small "US" symbol stamped near the hub and/or an anchor stamp.

The notching on the hub interlocks with corresponding notch on the other blades.

The absence of any stamping except a production number likely means that it was rejected at some point in the manufacturing process.
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