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Default Renault 70hp 4-Bladed Prop Restoration

Hello "propeller experts",
I'm a newbie to this Forum, so I thought I would ask for some learned advice regarding the Finish on old (WW1) wooden propellers. I am entrused with the construction of an authentic (non-working) 1913 RENAULT 70HP v-8 aer engine for an Aero Museum where I am a member. We have a genuine 4 bladed prop for this engine(so inscribed) which has been vandalized on all tips to allow it to be stood in a home Iimagine. The "clipping" has been very well restored but now sits with distinctly bare mahogany areas,to be matched with ???? stain/oil/? or I thought perhaps highlighted at the joinsby a band of different colour paint with the outer areas covered in doped-on cheescloth. I have seen dark green tips with white bands on 4 bladed props,but as to what is "authentic" I welcome any advice or comment.Obviously I wish to cover-up or disguise the joins.
I hope you can all chip in with dos and donts.
Thank you.

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