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Default Hopefully an interesting prop for you. :)

Hello everyone, Thank you for reading my post.

I have zero experience of propellers or aviation things generally so I really do appreciate your help.

The propeller I have has the following details -

Serial Number - 1 3060/60576/20
Length - 6'
Blade width at tip - 3"
Blade width at bearing hub - 4 3/8"
Number of bolts - 4
Bearing hub width - 3 6/8"
Bearing inner diameters - 1/2" and 6/8"

I wonder about this propeller, as from what I have seen, with only four hub bolts, that it perhaps wouldn't be robust enough for an airplane/airship or airboat, that perhaps it had an industrial application instead??

The hub bolt nuts have 3 alloy nuts with fibre locking, and one nut in mild steel with a stainless (??) lock washer on top. I think the fact they were changed/maintained suggest a lot of use perhaps, and could this mix of bolts fit with the advent of fibre-locking bolts in 1931??, does the '20' at the end of the serial number give us a date of manufacture??

It does look like has some age to it and I would love to hear some opinions about it (if anyone has any!!)

Many Thanks,

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It's for a wind machine. These are commonly found in areas like vineyards in California to move air and prevent frost damage. The four bolt hub is characteristic, and now many are aluminum instead of wood.

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Thank you very much for your reply...that's very interesting....especially considering we're nowhere near a vineyard!!.. I suppose something like this frost/wind machine would have other farming or industrial uses as well...it's probably never seen a grape in it's life!!

Kind of sad though as I don't think this will have any collector value or interest so I think it may have to go to the landfill...well...after I've taken the brass off.

Thanks again!!
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Wincharger Mike
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I believe itís off a 6V wind charger but not sure of the manufacturer, likely one of the lesser known companies. I hope you donít scrap it.
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