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Default Identification for an Inherited Propeller

My father was an avid fan of aviation history and recently passed away; among his possessions was an old wooden propeller stashed away in the corner of the garage which, as my husband is a pilot, my mother allowed us to keep. There are unfortunately no identifying labels on the prop, but there are two light-colored oval areas (approximately 3" x 1.5") on either blade which I imagine was where the labels used to be. The only identifying marks are the numbers "1902" and "44" stamped on the hub and the serial numbers (?) "A1902" and "DE 69L-44" (possibly "DES"...I can't tell if the "S" was intentional or not as it is very faint) stamped on one of the blades. The propeller is 5' 8" in length and has a 6" hub with 6 holes drilled around the central core. The wood appears to be lighter...perhaps maple or oak...with a mahogany-tone stain and the blades are edged on one side each with a silver-toned metal from the tips to approximately 3/4 of the length of each blade and 1" in on either side. My best guess is that, based on the serial number, the propeller was made by the Flottorp company, but anything beyond that I have no idea. If anyone has any recommendations on how I might be able to more exactly identify this propeller's origin I would be very appreciative. Thank you.
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The 69L-44 is the design number, meaning it's 69 inches long, used a Lycoming engine and has a pitch of 44 inches. That is a Flottorp number and is probably a Flottorp prop. See this page for a listing of aircraft on which it might have been used.

I doubt that you will be able to find out much more about its "origin", especially if you are hoping to find out a specific plane that used it.
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