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Default Identify this Russian propeller?

Here's one which I think would be nearly impossible to identify:

Anyone read Russian?

The link for the page these came from is http://zuraj.fotoplenka.ru/album194507, also in Russian.
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The propeller is from Morane Parasol (WWI era frnch plane)
Was fited on Engine Gnome 80 HP. Diameter of the propeller is 250 cm
Build in Pietropawlowsk (far far east on Kamchatka penisula) befor revolution.

All the best

Darek from Poland
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Default russian propeller

Sorry for mistake,
The propeller is from St. Petersburg not form Pietropawlowsk.

Lot number 185 Serial number 2217

MEDPIER (name of the producer?)
St. Petersburg
Probably produced by Russian-Baltic plant in St. Petersburg

Darek (MD also )
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