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Landis Ketner
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Default Early Paragon Propeller

I have an early Paragon Propeller in fair condition. The hub is 11.00 inches in Diameter and is 7.25 inches thick. The bolt circle is 8.00 inches in Diameter with eight .50 inch Diameter holes. The hole through the center is 3.125 inches Diameter. Stamped on the face of the hub on the CL of the blades on one side is: 9, 5" X 6, 75"
The term right hand is stamped twice, the second time is inverted under the first. On the opposite side of the hub is: S.C. 67253.
There is no fabric, paint, or metal tipping. Nor is there any evidence that there ever was any. What engine and airplane was this propeller made for? I am looking for any information available.
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It's probably from a Liberty engine based on the hub dimensions. The other numbers refer to the diameter (9'5"), the pitch (6.75') and the rotation. The SC 67253 is a Signal Corps number of no significance. I think it would be difficult to know what aircraft it was designed to be used on, and there may even be several.

See this link for the hub dimensions.
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