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If there's any possibility of getting some CAD drawings, I'd love to have some. I just got a woodworking CNC at work, and I'm going to try and build a prop...even 2D CAD drawings will help, I can work from there.
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How exactly would a CAD drawing be created? I have the props, but I have no idea how to get a CAD part done.
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Does anyone know how to obtain copy of the Axial prop that Achim created? I tried to email the US contact via email and did not get a response. I even tried emailing Achim and never recieved a reply. I know there are some pictures of his blue print floating around on theaerodrome website. I ended up having to take the small picture of the blue print posted there and recreating the blueprint to a useable scale.

I am in the process of creating a smaller scale version of the 2620mm prop. I am going to end up with a 7 foot prop instead of the 8+ footer. Any help would be appreciated.
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Duke Elliott
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Default Blueprints or CAD drawings

Hello wooden propellers enthusiasts

I'm also looking for any documentation or CAD drawings of real historic propellers. Simply I want to make a replica for my living room just not want to make a silly shape. All help will be highly appreciated.
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Would anyone have images for the following props:
British and Colonial P.43
Lang L.P.1020A
Integrale I.P.C.2360

I would especially appreaciate pictures of the "decals" (I do have something that is Integrale, probably proper era).

One of these would have been the type used on the original Sopwith built Pup N6184. Since dropping it (i.e. my replica) into the Wisconsin river, I am looking for a new prop, and if the one snj5 loaned me is similar to one of those, I will duplicate it with a steeper pitch. If not, the Culver guys can carve me one that is at least similar in shape. Any help would be appreaciated.

Would the books sold here have these?
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