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Bob Gardner
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Greetings FDM,

It's nearly complete. I plan to finish it over the Christmas and New Year quiet period. But proof reading by a German friend will take a month and printing and publishing will take up to two months, so the answer is in the Spring. (I laugh inwardly as I write this, because here in Yorkshire, England the ambient temperature is 60 degrees F and our daffodils are coming out; in other words Spring has already arrived, courtesy of global warming!) So April-May 2016.

With Christmas greetings to all forumites!

Bob Gardner
Author; WW1 British Propellers, WWI German Propellers
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Thank you Bob! I am so sorry for my late reply. I have been planning to make some pictures of the prop but I had to get it out of storage first and well, time went by. Thank you again for your reply, really dont want to be the guy who comes ask for information, then disappears.

At last, the pictures.

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Originally Posted by Bob Gardner View Post
A note to my fellow forumites to let you know that in the next twelve months I shall publish in spread-sheet format on CD;

1. My database on German WW1 aircraft propellers, about 1000 lines of data describing maker, diameter and pitch, engine and aircraft type where known.

2. And my database of British WW1 aircraft props, which runs to about 2000 lines of data.

If you have a British or German WW1 prop that you have not told me about (many of you have for which I am most grateful) or if you have any documents from the time which list propellers, please let me know.

With kind regards,


Dave; could you make this a sticky please.
Hello Bob, Does yor database include props made by S&S Aircraft in Winnipeg, Canada?
If not do you know who would?
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Biggles of 266
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Default Sopwith Dolphin

I have a prop marked:

L 3610 LH


D2590 P2180

Sopwith Dolphin

Note: I also have the cowlings!

Kind regards
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