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Default U.S. Propellers, Inc., Los Angeles, Calif.

My Uncle Reginald died in 1960 and left me a beautiful wooden propeller when I was a 6 year old kid. Uncle Reg flew in WW1 and WW2. The family lore is that the propeller is from a reconnisance aircraft he flew in WW1. I know very little about him, at this time, other than this.

I would like to find out if this propeller was used on WW1 aircraft and if so, what kind of aircraft. I'd also like to figure out the history of it and its manufacture, if possible.

The info on the propeller is as follows:

On the center portion on one side is says:

US Propellers, Inc.

On the other side it says:

SERAF 4310542
RPM 2200
HP 115
TC 787

There is a Round Decal on the body of the propeller that says: US Propeller, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif. and a central star with "US" in the middle.

Stamped on the back are the numbers:


Thanks for any help.
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