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Default 100" Flottorp questions

I've questions re a 100" Flottorp. My father got it out of a hanger at the Dutch Flats field in San Diego when it was being closed down. A friend said "We have to clean it out; everything's going to the dump. If there's something you'd like, help yourself." He took this prop. That is probably in the mid-30s.

I'd like to know when it was made, and what it was used on. This one has been used as you can see marks from the bolt plate. It's mahogony; original finish; 4.25" thick hub; 5.5" bolt circle. There is a #; SC10660.

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Default Flottorp Propeller

Al. A little history for you.
Ole Flottorp opened up his propeller business at Cicero Field in Chicago in 1911 and the logo on your propeller was the first that he used. In 1915 he opened up another propeller factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan and added the words "Grand Rapids" to this logo so it showed both Chicago and Grand Rapids on the bottom of the logo. In 1918 after WWI ended Ole closed the factory in Chicago and changed this logo again to show only Grand Rapids on the bottom. So I am 99% sure your propeller was made between 1911 and 1915.
Flottorp made propellers for Mattie Laird, Chance Vought, Lincoln Beachey and other famous aviators. It is not easy to tell you what aircraft your propeller was used on. You could only "best guess" buy using the bolt circle and matching that to an engine of the era and then looking at the aircraft that used that engine.
Hope this helps.
Buy the way. You have a beautiful prop there.
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Al, I myself have this exact propeller, which was passed on to me from family, I am trying to figure out what kind of aircraft these may of been used for. Im not very familiar with aviation and just dont know what to look for any help would be useful. Mine have same decals and only markings on mine are sc 9398, there is also small box with what appears to be an A and number 113 underneath it

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That looks like an OX 5 sized hub, although you'd need to check against the dimensions listed on this page.
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