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Default Looking for history

I have visited your wonderful website and am wowed by your extensive collection of information and propellers. I am sure you get hundreds of emails regarding information on propellers and their worth, but I am looking for any history on the following propeller that I purchased for a gift. I have the information on the owner and where he was living when he passed. He was a Dr, from Canada who was in Europe during ww2. The propeller has painted on it the Years 1941-1945 RCAF I would make the wild guess it was either a display piece in an officer’s club or a going away gift for the Dr. In any case:
It is 85” long, with metal edges, solid wood.
It has the following markings
RANGER 6440 C5
March 1943
SFRW 1948
SS SS 220D
eight bolt holes

Thank you for your time and any information you might share. Whatever information we can get will be displayed with the prop in an airport hangar in Easton Md,
With a 1952 T-28C airplane, and other motorcycles and cars from the same era.
Again thank you for your time
Dale Lindsay
Crofton, Md
Milton, De.
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It's very unlikely that you'll find a "history" of the propeller, assuming that it was even actually used on an airplane. (Many of them were simply sold as surplus, and never mounted on an engine.) Some of the histories that do occasisonally accompany these artifacts are totally false.

I think those stamped numbers indicate an S&S manufacturer, and if so it would have had decals on the blades.

Can you post photos of the whole propeller and of the hub?
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Default Have posted Pictures

thanks Dave, I think I posted 6 pictures, I will look over your instructions, I apologize for my in ability to use this forum, my skills with a computer and my 70 years of age are working on it.
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