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I'm looking for a clever way to mount my newly acquired Flottorp 69L-42wooden propeller. I've seen mounts online that consist of a round wooden backing (e.g. 3/4" MDF) with six dowel rods attached, but I'd prefer something a little more in tune with how the propeller was originally affixed to the aircraft (presumably an Aeronca 65 LA, 65 LB, or Piper JS L-65 with Lycoming O-145-B2 engine). Or at least something more mechanically-inclined like a metal plate that fits over the hub with six bolts securing it to the wall. I think that would look pretty cool. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I think what I'm looking for is the front hub plate. I found several Lycoming front hub plates listed online, but there are no pictures.

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Smile Crush plate!

Try aircraft spruce for a crush plate. They stock Lycoming and Continental for about $35 (they have pics as well).
Best of luck, Scott
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