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Default "modern" wooden propeller?

I was given this propeller by someone who had no idea about the history or origin of it - it had been given to her now deceased husband some years ago. I haven't found any similar looking propellers so any insights would be appreciated. It's about 52" in length and has a "collar" for attaching to a rotor, if that's the right term, so it would be one of two, three, or four attached to an engine. I originally thought it was carved out of a single piece of wood, then I thought it must be laminated, now I'm not sure. There are no markings or engravings of any kind that I've found. Thanks for any suggestions!
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It's part of a variable pitch propeller, and is probably made up of thin laminations of hardwood. They generally were used in the 20's and 30's until they were replaced with metal blades. It would be hard to know for sure what that particular one it went to, but here is a site that might be of interest to you.
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