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Chester Bays
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Default WW I, Heine propeller

I need to match up this propeller with the plane from which it was removed.

I have followed directions, as best I could, and measurements appear, in inches, as follows:

Bolt size: .5 inches
Bolt circle: 5.9 inches
Bore: 3.0 inches (prop has been bored out, to some extent, for clock)
Hub thickness 5. or 5.5 inches (moisture or lack thereof will make a difference)

The words "Heine propeller" are found stamped twice with a blue oval stamp.

The following numbers appear in dark lettering: 1119 1160

The following also appear in dark lettering: Gepruft

The figure appearing to be a "9" may be a "2".

It is very important to match this propeller with the plane, and I can use any help, information or suggestions.
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