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Default Help identifying Sensenich 70" prop

Had this propeller for quite some time, got it from an uncle.
It is 69.5" tip to tip.
It has the markings for
Sensenich Brothers Lilitz PA
Des 70 J 47 (the letters are quite faded so hard to tell if there is more than that)
Ser 41018
HP 50
Rpm 2300
HP 80
Rpm 2400

It is 6 bolt, has some paper or cloth on the blade tips and metal as well that is riveted to the blades.
The 41018 is also on the backside of the hub.

I am guessing that more letters exist/used to exist for the Des section. It does not look refinshed, its appears that the finish has turned sort of like bread and very rough.

Thanks for any help telling me what this is or what it came from!
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Having web site issues. Will reply later.
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For some reason I'm unable to include the link to my own site, woodenpropeller.com in this message, so I'm working on that. In the mean time go to that site, click on the "identification" link then go to "modern woodenpropellers" and click on the Sensenich link.

Sometimes you have to fit the hard to read stampings into what they might be compared to the above list. I also have a list at home which I can check later that references its Type Certificate number, which can give a clue. Also, there have been some propellers turn up that appear to be customized variants and don't have their design numbers appear on the list. The "J" appears in some other diameters, but I don't know what it signifies. Your prop was manufactured between 1932 and 1942. You should absolutely not try to "restore" it, as its value will only decrease.
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