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Default Help Please

Please, could someone help me identifying this Sensenick propeller?
Height, about 73"

Many thanks

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I don't think Sensenich made any propellers like that. It's also stamped "1913", but they didn't start making propellers until 1932.

Note that it's a Sensenich "Repair Service" decal, and it's shorter than the typical propeller used in WW1 and the twenties.

Usually, if the propeller has been mounted and used there are "witness marks" on the hub where the metal hub has compressed the wood. I don't know if those would go away when a prop has been "repaired", but more often their absence usually means either an unused (surplus) prop or a reproduction prop of some kind.

In short, I'm really not sure WHAT it is . . .
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It is just a deco thing. You can find the same there:
This one is, IMHO, largely overpriced. "CONTEMPORAINE" in the title means it was made very recently (so, this sale is NOT deceptive).
It can't be name a "replica" because a replica has to be like an authentic prop: There was never any "true prop" like this (nor the size, nor the shape and nor the colors)...
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Many thanks for your advices.

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