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Default Need help with prop ID

I was given a wood propeller several years ago and was glad to find this forum. My interest was renewed after seeing WWI replicas flying recently.

Any ID help is appreciated.

Photos attached.

Due to damage around the hub, the only marking that remain are:
Back side: "1" at root of one of the blades
Back side: "2" at root of the other blade
Front side: "V" (could be an "A" but seems to be missing the cross bas)

4 layers
6 bolt holes
Each bolt hole is slightly more than 1/4 inch in diameter
Each bolt hole is 4 1/4 inches diagonally from the opposite bolt hole
Bore: 2 1/4 inches
Bore depth: 3 3/8 inches
Length: 6 feet
Color: likely light colored originally but now stained dark
Leading edges are metal clad with completely clad tips
Shape is symmetric

Thanks much!





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Unfortunately I seriously doubt it's possible to ID this prop without design number markings.
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No, but it's safe to bet that it's most likely from the 30's through the 50's, built for something like a small Continental, Lycoming or Franklin engine and could have been used on any one of a number of single engine trainer type airplanes from that era. That doesn't narrow it down much, but it does exclude a lot of other considerations.
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Thanks for the help. Any information is better than what I had.
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Rodney Booth
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Default Rodney Booth

I was given a prop yesterday that I have just begun research on. Your shape and metal cladding appears identical to mine as well as dimensions of holes etc. See if you can see "SUPER-PROP" stamped at the end of your cladding on both blades. Keep an eye on info I receive. Rodney
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propeller id wood

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