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Default Fahlin Des 725 questions (Rare?)


Im hoping for a bit of guidance on this one. I got this propeller from someone who had it sitting in their shed for several years and said I could have it. I like old vintage items so I took it home. However, I have no real knowledge on these.

I have searched this site and a few others on the internet and have only seen one mention of this model. Everything seems identical with the exception my No is 2047 and the one I found online that sold was NO 2011. If anyone could give me any info via value or where I could find more info that would great. Also, regarding value would it decrease the value if I were to refinish it?

Fahlin DES 725
NO 2047 HP 125
RPN 2175

It measures 77 long.

Thanks in advance

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Originally Posted by Jboydjr1 View Post
Also, regarding value would it decrease the value if I were to refinish it?
You will always lose value when you refinish a prop that is in original condition. If someone has refinished one already, you might improve its value by doing a better job, but you can't improve on "original condition" with respect to value. (The cost of refinishing is low, and virtually anyone can do it easily.)
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