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Default Flottorp - Wood Prop - Information Request

I forgot to include another wooden prop I inherited. It is in very good condition. I've searched the internet and this website and came up with the following:

Markings - "A1188", under that "DES 7547 G-46"
75 Inches Long
6 Hole Hub

Info: I believe my dad had told me that this prop was off a Cub.

What I'm wondering is how do I clean and care for it?

Is there anymore info that someone can share with me about this prop?

Value? If I decide to sell this prop, where is the best place and what is a fair price?

Thanks for any and all help!

If anyone would like photos, please email me at douggregory@gmail.com.
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I'm putting together a Flottorp page for my website but don't have it up yet. According to the information I have this Flottorp design was for the American Eaglet, the Buhl Bull Pup, and the Rearwin 3000 all using the Szekely SR3 engine.

Excellent advice and information on wooden prop care can be found on Dave's website at http://www.woodenpropeller.com/preservation.html.

As to trying to determine a value, I'd refer you to Dave's comments on your previous props.

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