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Default I have a propeller I would like to ID

I brought back a propeller form Agentina a few years ago. The person who gave me the prop said it could be a spair for the Graf Zepplin
The markings on the propeller read.
D 506
H 230
If you can help I would appreciate it. THX PCTV
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Wow. If the stampings are correct and indicate a length of over 16 feet the likelihood of use on an airship is fairly high. Heine, of course, was a German manufacturer. On the other hand, determining the use on a specific airship or type of airship might be quite difficult, and personally I'm always skeptical of the stories that tend to go with objects like this.

How in the world did you "bring it back" from Argentina?????????
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Bob Gardner
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The serial number is quite high. Heine serial nos seem not to run sequentially but even so the serial no. and the diameter do add credence to it being from the Graf Zeppelin. This airship did a South American tour I think?

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