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Default Hartzell Propeller

My husband was given a 86" wooden hub propeller - stamped 44K18151 which I found was the Military equivalent of th 8613E-54 which the Hartzell site says would have been used on Fairchild Forwarder but all the pictures I could find of Fairchild U61's didn't have similar propellers. It has a Hartzell stamp "Built on Honor" etc just like on the Hartzell site. It is all wood (not metal hub) and 6 holes at the hub. It has metal tips but the metal running down the edge is serrated (pieces cut out like you would ease a seam in sewing) I don't know what you call that and I can't find any similar pictures. Does anyone know about how old this would be?
Thanks MAC
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That plane is circa 1942. Most were supplied to England and only a few saw service for the US.
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