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Default Old prop I need to ID

I need help to ID an old wood prop from my Grandfather (S/B WW1 vintage).

It was made by the "United States AERO Propeller Co. Milwaukee, Wis." There is a round decal on each blade with these words in the outer ring. The inner part is blue with a white 5 point star and a large white US on a red background.

On one side of the 8 bolt holes is stamped "Right Hand. Dia. 8'3" X 5' 0" " with "R215" underneath and a small stamp with the name "A.J. Edmonds" under that.

On the other side of the hub is the number "6514". Directly under that is a small box with the letters " C.A.Ltd" and below that a small circle with what looks like "A.I.D C.2"

Would anyone be able to id this prop


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A picture of the prop and of the decal would help a lot.

I don't think there's enough information there to narrow it down much.
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