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Default 1912-1920 french propeller mark


Is anybody knows what this R in a triangle (about one centimer) is?
There are two on the prop, and except for SFA stamps, nothing else !
And, yes, the prop was varnished (one more )

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I'm guessing that it might be an inspector's stamp, although that's only based on the fact that I haven't seen a similar one on other propellers. The "SFA" is a French inspection stamp. It seems strange that there would be no other numbers stamped on it. Perhaps it was rejected at some point during the manufacturing process.
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Thanks for your answer: "Refused or Rejected" (RefusÚ ou RejetÚ in French) was also my first guess. But there are 4 SFA stamps on the prop:
- 3 with the letter z ("manuscript" z) between an 11 and 6 numbers which seem stamped before bolts holes drilling. I don't know what are 11 and 6, but they are in connection with SFA stamping (I saw this kind of number, near stamps, on others props. Kind of code). They aren't engine or aircraft markings nor prop caracteristics,
- and one with ? (an "a" finishing with an arrow ? It seems not possible to read a "z").
So, the prop before drilling was approved. And it was varnished (actual owner has seen it before "restoration" (...). And I think it have to be fully marked at this state.
- and a 5, wich is not enough to make markings !

Perhaps markings were on the blades near the hub and were all stripped off by "restauration" ?

There is an other triangle on the other side of the hub, with nothing readable in it, but showing other markings have not been removed.

In other hand, there is not mounting marks.

So ...
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