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Default Looking for more information on two early props?

Hello everyone. I would like to learn more information on two propellers I have. I have found a little info by checking some of the sites you list. The first propeller is a Curtiss. The numbers I found are as follows and some may be wrong as they are very hard to read. ?P 8566 RH and a 2 above this number. The other numbers 1
P3 11 36
86 X 59
The hub has 8 holes
9 1/4" Dia.
5 7/8" Deep
center hole 3 1/8
102" long
35" of each end covered with thin canvas, no metal on edges
What I would like to know is what type of plane this might have been used on?
Does it have any value?
I got this prop from an Uncle who is now deceased and he told me that he thought this prop came of a plane called the Shannadoah. I search and found an airship with that name that was based in Lakehurst, NJ. This was very close to were my Uncle and other family lived. Any possibility that it was on a Airship?

The second propeller is a Flottorp- Both Blades Alike, Grandrapids, Mich.
Dimensions 103" long
Hub 7 3/8" Dia.
2 5/8" center hole
8 bolt holes
copper tips
copper leading edges 15794
This prop has 26" broken off one side.
The story on this prop was that it came off another Uncle's plane that he crash landed river bed in Belmar, NJ. I have a news paper irticle accounting this, and my Uncle was credited for not crashing into a populated area. This Uncle died at the age of 21, long before I was born. I think this prop was on a bi-plane but not sure. All family with that knowledge have died.
So what I would like to know is what type of plane may have used this?
Does the prop have any value?

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any help.
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The Curtiss prop seems a little short for an airship, although that's always a possibility.

The Flottorp most likely was used on an OX5 engine, which was used on a variety of planes, but the "STAND" preceding OX5 on yours seems to indicate it was for a Standard aircraft, possibly a J1, which was similar to the Curtiss Jenny.

Both props are certainly worth something. The damaged one has some value if it has an authentic story to go with it, especially with good documentation.

Can you get pictures of them? If you don't want to go through the posting process, you can email them to me and I'll post them.
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