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Default Need help identifying a prop.

I have a wooden propeller that was given to me by my uncle after I mentioned how much I had been admiring it in his garage since I was a boy. It doesn't have a manufacturer decal but does have the following information stamped into it.
6 x 4.60
It also has metal guards attached to the leading edges and tips. I've looked on a couple of web sites on old props but none of the numbers match. Any help you can give to help identify it would be much appreciated and below is a link to a couple pictures of it.
I've taken the following measurements and the metal hub is no longer attached but was able to take a measurement from impressions left in the wood.
A. Center Bore diameter; 2 3/4"
B. Bolt hole circle; 4 1/2"
C. Diameter of the hub; 6"
D. Number of bolt holes; 6
E. Bolt hole diameter; 1/2"
F. Overall length; 6'
[/img http://pub46.bravenet.com/photocente...9&album=50221]
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