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Last year I inquired about this wooden propeller and took your advice to contact the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. I exchanged mail with Howard Wesoky, who responded to all of my mail and copied Jeremy Kinney on all of them.

Howard asked a lot of questions, but Jeremy wrote nothing more than to say the Smithsonian does not appraise such things, and he gave me the following URL to contact for that. http://www.appraisers.org/ I was less than impressed with such a response. I looked up the site and entered a lot of variations on the type of industry and keywords, but all I got for the name of an appraiser was someone in Rome, Italy (who I decided not to contact).

Howard referred me back to this site after writing the following:
We do believe that the propeller was used in a low power application because of the relatively small diameter and six bolt holes, which seems to be the same conclusion reached by Mr. Bahnson of the Wooden Propeller Forum. He is very knowledgeable, and had a very large propeller collection in the past.

We’ve been unable to match the propeller dimensions with engines that would power the type of aircraft mentioned in your original communication. And because Bendix did not acquire American Propeller (i.e. Paragon) until 1929, that connection is weak if the date you provided for your grandfather’s Bendix employment is correct.

If you can provide other information, we would be happy to further investigate. But, at this point, our attempts have simply failed to assist you.

His last question was this: It's important to confirm the dates of your grandfather's employment with Bendix. Also is it possible he received the propeller independently of that employment? (I could not give more than I've given here about the date and how my grandfather got the propeller.)

What more can I do to evaluate the potential worth of this prop?
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