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Default Help identify please!!!!

Hello everyone! What a great forum! I've got several very old propellers I've been able to identify and fix and some neat things from my family I've collected over the years but these are giving me trouble.

These are a barn find of my family's and they were absolutely unidentifiable under the mud and dust from the 70 or so years that we've supposedly had them through a documented story of the family.

It is a six bolt pattern, lighter wood(maybe from the age and clean up), four panels. They are matching in paint but the paint is better on one and completely flaking from the other. Here are the remaining specs that I can find and serial numbers I could get off. There are some covered in the paint but I can't make them out and one prop has brass? edging I think and a lead plate that has no more distinguishable marks.

Length - 10 ft
Width - 85mm
Six bolt pattern with 170 or 171mm between the centers of them diagonally
Hub diameter is 60mm
Width at widest part of blade is 8.5inches
Single lead plate is 48mm x 33mm and held in place with four standard screws
See attached pictures for numbers and design
Plate thickness is 7mm and 9inches in diameter
Bolts for the plate are 116mm long and 9mm diameter at thread

The blade that has the deteriorated paint I would like to clean off and redo and polish the brass but the painted one I would leave and give to my brother, or should I simply leave both as is? I don't know if the original wood was the norm and it got painted later and displayed in the farm house some long time ago. My Great Uncle who had these was one of a few that went Jenny's to Jets in his career, kept a daily journal (which I am having trouble finding these in)and has lots of awesome aviation related things. My concern would be the drying out of the wood overtime leading to more cracking. These are old and were in a barn in Illinois for the majority of their life and I have them now in Arizona. Any help and guidance on how to go about saving them would be greatly appreciated too
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