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Default 10 bolt holes mistery !


Although this has been said many times before I have to repeat previous post and congratulate you on a wonderful site.

Having brought a prop I am eager to learn about its past.

I have attached a couple of photos below which will hopefully be of help.

In addition I can confirm the following information

Length: 9,5
Blades are 113/8 inches across the chord (the widest part)
Outside diameter of the hub is 12 inches
Centre hole of 33/8 inches
10 bolt holes each 9/16ths of an inch in diameter
The blades have brass leading edges which are riveted

There are some reference numbers on the hub which have been varnished over and are difficult to read and photograph. As far as I can tell these are some of the numbers and letters which appear.

JUL ?? ?????

?? DT?? 2370 STIGN 1990

JO?3K NR 22

Thanking you in advance for any help you can provide.

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They're hard to identify even when you can read all of the stampings, but nearly impossible when you can't. The 10 hole hub is unusual, though, but I don't know what engine may have used that sized hub. Just a guess, but I suspect it's foreign manufacture (maybe German) and probably from the post WW1 period.
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sounds like an Swedish made prop, atleast Scandinavian
stign = short for stigning = pitch
..DT.. then will be Diameter

Jan Carlsson
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Thanks very much for the above. Both post have helped to narrow my search.

I can see more text on the propeller but can not make it out.

Can any one offer any tips on trying to decipher this.

Thanks again.
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