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Moravan prop
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Default Moravan 1950ies wooden propeller made in Czech Republic

Hallo to all proppeler colectors and fans.
My name is Ctibor. I come from Slovakia. I've been living in London UK for 9 years. I happen to own a cca 1950ies Czechoslovakian (todays czech republic) made, wooden, twin blade "Moravan" proppeler in totally original untouched condition. Leading edge metal clading is intact as are the Moravan decals with a slight patina. It is most probbably of a Zlin Z 26 Trener aircraft. I was given it by my father when I was a kid. I'd greatly apreciate any info about it (Sadly no pictures or dimensions at present, will make some as soon as I travel home next.)
But mainly I'd like to find out roughly what (if any) demand there is in prop collecting world for propelers from behind the iron courtain. Is there a specialist or colector specialised in former eastern block proppelers or aviation?
I'd greatly appreciate any info on the matter. Thank you, Ctibor
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It sounds interesting, and keeping it in its original condition is very important.

I don't know what interest there is specifically in Eastern Countries artifacts like this, and particularly one from this era. (WW1 era or pre-WW1 would almost certainly be sought after.)

My personal suggestion - keep it. It belonged to your father, and it probably has more value to your descendants than it ever will to a collector, and if there is ever a high value to it, you can still pass that value on to your own family.

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Moravan prop
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Default moravan

Hi Dave!
Thank you, I appreciate your opinion. C
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I am pretty sure there was a thread about what appeared as a Moravan prop somewhere in this forum, but can't find it.

@Dave : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moravan : More WW2 than WW1.

@Moravan prop : same opinion as Dave about selling it. In France, those prop from the late forties to sixties sale for about 600 in pristine condition (some are asvertised for 1000 and more but some of them are on the net for two years!)
A family historical object may not interest for some time. If sold, iy would be never available for possibly interested childs, and the bucks also lost!

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Moravan prop
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Default moravan

Hi PM! Thanks for the valuable info. Regards C
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moravan zlin trener

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