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Default Identification and valuation please


Recently, I purchased a Sensenitch Bros. Lititz, PA wooden propellor. The model # is 86R61, serial # 59130, HP 200 and RPM 2450.

I was told it was from Saskatchewan.

Can anyone tell me something about this propellor?

As far as condition, it appears to be in fantastic cndition, all original and not restored in any way.

The only flaws that I can see is there is a small metel plate on the back where 2 small metal screws have been inserted in the hub. This was done so the guy I purchased it from could hang it in his barn. I know, this will probably detract from its value - bummer!

Thanks Steve

Thanks, Steve
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I would not think those two small screw holes on the back would detract much from the value. You can find your prop's usage here: http://www.modernwoodenpropellers.com/sensenich.htm
and the approximate date of manufacture here:

I cannot imagine any way to verify if it was ever used in Canada or not short of a certified statement from the previous owner.

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