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WEll it's a little convoluted, but I have a listing of a Sensenich drawing number 42K19593 that corresponds to Type Certificate 546.

TC 546 is also designated for 43K19181 and you'll find that listing here, which shows it was a military contract for the civilian model 90-LA 76. That exact model isn't specifically listed on this list, but that list does show a 90-LA model with a different pitch, using the Continental R-670 5 engine, the same as yours. The horsepower is correct for that as well. I presume that Gardner simply manufactured it under an agreement with Sensenich, who held the type certificate for it. That practice was not uncommon.

It is clearly stamped for a PT 17 Airplane, however, and the other data fits even though we don't have it listed. It would have been made under a 1942 military contract and used on the PT 17 (Boeing Stearman).

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