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Default found in a barn, would like I.D. if possible

Hi, folks. Found this beauty in barn rafters. 16 ft long, metal clad ends and leading edge, 5" wide at ends, extends 45" onto blade. Center part is 2 3/4 thick. Center hole is 1 3/4" dia. Front side shows round hub print, four holes running from top to bottom, center set 4 1/4" on center, outer set 9 1/4" on center, one set of through holes 9 1/2" center, running cross ways (with the blades). The other 4 holes are not drilled through the prop.
On the reverse side, there is an elongated hexagonal pattern, 7 1/2" long, with 3" sides toward the blades, and the side running between is 3 1/2".
Any ideas on this one? Will get some pix, although it will have to be in sections due to the 16" overall length.
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