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Originally Posted by Dave
Nice job posting the pictures!


I would say by the way it was cut at the hub that it was most likely one blade from a 4-blade combination. The original diameter of the whole propeller was 2700 cm. Also, the serial number, the brass leading edges and the use of a "Heine" decal all suggest a production after WW1, so that would be at least consistent with the time frame you suggest as well. It was not unusual for many aircraft to have experimented and used two-blade and four-blade propellers.
I don't know what the "L5" stamping means.
Ok thanks Dave, I have measured a single blade and it corresponds to 135 cm for a total length of the propeller therefore of 270 cm around, I'm right to believe the propeller is really of that epoch. What "Heine" means? Was it the factory? Was a Germany production?
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