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It's most likely a Wright A engine propeller. The Wright A was a variation of the Hispano-Suiza built under license by the Wright Aeronautical Corporation during the end of WW1 and used on a variety of aircraft then and in subsequent years.

The "99 - 73" stamp most likely refers to its diameter and pitch in inches. The "1" and "2" are simply blade identifiers, of no significance. I don't know what "RSH 248" is but it mostly likely identifies a manufacturer's serial number or possibly "ASH" and a production number, but at 35 pounds it might still be oak rather than ash. These large props are deceptively light for their appearance.

Ninety nine inches (or 8'3") was a common diameter for JN 4C aircraft, which used the Wright A engine, so that would certainly be one of many possibilities.

The pristine appearing hub faces suggest that it was never mounted on an aircraft, and it was possible that it was rejected during production and kept as a souvenir.
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