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That's a good idea. Thank you for thinking of it. I don't advertise and rely on word-of-mouth for my sales which provides about sixty sales a year or five a month which is a rate I can cope with! It gives me time for my other pursuit which is bird watching.

Ryszard Wrobel has kindly put a description of my books on his Polish Propeller web site. He also finds German props quite often and sends me details for the database.

Shall I compile a draft for you? I think it will consist of a photograph of each book (six on British propellers and four on German) with some indication of the makers covered by each book.

I post to four postal zones (west of GB which is mostly USA; Europe; East of Europe which is mainly Australia and NZ; and internal within GB) If my maths is correct that gives about 500 variations in postal charges, so to keep it simple I suggest a link to my email address and a note to the effect: email Bob Gardner for a quote.

Tell me how this sounds. Suggestions from other forumites also welcome.

With kind regards,

Bob Gardner
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