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Hi AF,

The drg number P23 is a drawing number of the British & Colonial Company listed for the Nieuport 17, powered by the 110hp Clerget engine. The prop may have been made for British Nieuports by this company but it might equally have been made by another company using the P23 drawing.

French Nieuports were bought by the British in WW1, and came with engines and props which were then made under licence in GB. So PM is correct that the prop design is French. P23 is the drawing number of the B & C copy. Only a small number of these Nieuports were bought for the RFC. They partially equipped four RFC squadrons.

The diameter of 8' 5" translates as 2570mm. I have recorded one other with a smaller diameter of 2496mm, a difference which is outside the design limits, so the prop may have been used on some other aircraft as well as the Nieuport 17.

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