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Default Making a Propeller for a project

I am looking for suggestions on building or designing a propeller to collect air.

I'm new to designing/engineering propellers. I'm looking to build a propeller (or buy a cheap manufactured one, need not be wooden if that is the case).

I've seen several guides online as to how to build very nice wooden propellers, however I don't have access to alot of those tools.

I was wondering what options do I have in terms of crafting my own propeller? I'd like to design and build a wind turbine, rather a proof of concept to myself. So no specific propeller design is needed, just something extremely simple.

I can't see the details on the propeller very well but I like

Some specifications on it, I would like it to be rather large, around 100 inches in diameter. Though, I must admit, anything over 3 feet in diameter would be just fine as well =).
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