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I just looked more thoroughly through the datafile and found the illustration of the "baubeschreibung" ("build description") for the Albatros CIa (Bayische FlugzuegWerke Munchen) on p. 36. This includes information (in German) on the both the motor and propellor:

170 PS Argus
Brake efficiency Pi=180PS

Reschke Wood (Company)
Diameter 285cm
Blade width 28cm
Pitch 160

This information does not appear to have been translated and included elsewhere in the datafile text.

Well, that's right in the ballpark of the measurement I took off the drawing. Once again I'm sure there was some variation in diameter between different propellor makes (and pitches). This is also the same diameter as the Heine propellor for the Conrad CIII on Bob's site so I feel comfortable saying that this is approximately correct for the propellor I'm modeling (with five laminations and the German cross decal).
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