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Originally Posted by didunks View Post
So there are few blueprints. As far I've tracked via WWI Aeroplane following blueprints:
-Bentley 230hp propeller for Sopwith Snipe. But it's a reconstruction, not an original dwg.
-Drawing for Fokker DVIII/EV fom 1920s. Again - it cames from an American book.
They have some books about designing and construction of the propellers.

I've noticed that someone has drawings for SPAD propeller and for AXIAL prop. Is it possible to get a copy of the drawings?

Hi Piotr,
I have a WW1 Sopwith Triplane Propeller blue print and some WW1 British Propeller blue prints, as well as some WWI German Propeller blue prints if you're interested

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