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I spent several hours yesterday and five hours today researching the data on the SE5A prop and trying to connect an SE5A with a Sunbeam Arab engine and a few moments ago I found one! A footnote which mentions that this engine, the Sunbeam Arab, was fitted to an SE5A!

I emphasise that the SE5A was built for the Hispano-Suiza engine, and the Wolseley Viper, a derivative of the Hispano engine. Apart from this one footnote, there is no evidence of any other use of the Sunbeam engine with the SE5A.

The block of ten Royal Aircraft Factory (RAF) drawing numbers that I have referred to (AB8210-AB8224) is something of a hotchpotch with two different sets of diameter and two sets of pitch, which relate to five different aircraft, none of them an SE5a. I suspect it might have been used by the RAF for experimental work, one which included a trial fitting of the Sunbeam engine to a SE5A aircraft.

So all the data on your SE5A prop is genuine. I have added this discovery to my database.

Quad Erat Demonstrandum !

Bob Gardner
Bob Gardner
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